Unicorn & Rainbows Piggy bank

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Our little piggy banks are the first stepping stone in paving the way to a bright future, helping you to raise responsible little savers.Each adorable Tilly Pig is handcrafted by our artisan piggy bank makers with a full colour design and plenty of room for all of those coins to be saved!

Every Tilly Pig comes with a guidebook for the modern parent who cares about their little one’s future. Tilly Pig is here to champion the importance of saving money and building essential habits for life

  •  Handcrafted by our artisan piggy bank makers
  •  Includes a FREE activity guide with fun money saving tasks
  •  Removable stopper to empty your piggy bank
  •  Fun and stylish - the perfect addition to any room
  •  Created in partnership with Penguin Books®